Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Jan Peeno's Caruso On Flying Changes Cover

Jan Peeno’s horse Caruso made the front cover of the November Flying Changes while taking a bath before his latest event at the ODS Championships.

The two have been partners for six years now, and Jan credits Jenni Bohlman for recognizing Caruso’s abilities when she was originally considering him for her future dressage horse. She said when she first rode him he felt like a giraffe and was clumsy and ungainly.

The following show season started them on their very successful path: the first season at training and first level; the second year at second level; finishing second level the third year and then moving on to third level. She earned the "Bronze Medal" for 2 scores of 60% or higher in each of First, Second, and Third Levels.

Fourth Level and Prix St. George were the next two show seasons finishing with her "Silver Medal". This is quite an accomplishment receiving both these medals on the same horse.

Jan says, "This has been my dream for many years, I am thankful to have had Caruso to compete on, even when we were struggling." Their motto has been to celebrate what was good in what they've done and just keep going.

"It has been a ball and I can't believe I'm living my dream."

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